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The MzanSea revealing South Africa’s marine ecosystems project is an ocean literacy initiative to connect South Africans to our incredible marine ecosystems

What is the MzanSea project producing?

MzanSea: revealing South Africa’s underwater ecosystems promotes ocean literacy in South Africa by producing useful resources on South Africa’s coastal and marine ecosystems for educators, scholars and decision makers.

South Africa has many diverse and fascinating marine ecosystems and yet these are often described as a single biome, marine. The MzanSea project arose out of a need to share information about the many marine ecosystem types found in South Africa’s ocean. Very few people have ever even heard of most of these ecosystems. So, how can we expect people to make wise decisions about ecosystems that they do not know exist?

We hope that our MzanSea website and associated resources will share information about these fascinating ecosystems, build an understanding of their benefits to people and nature and ultimately inspire people to care for them.

This website was produced with the support of the One Ocean Hub, a collaborative research for sustainable development programme funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) (Grant NE/S008950/1). We would like to thank the teams at SANBI, SAEON and SAAMBR, and the many educators, scientists, researchers, managers and students who provided invaluable assistance, input, reviews and recommendations.

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